Get Involved

Inspirited Minds are in need of fresh ideas embedded with originality and creativity to help us to progress towards reaching our goals of helping people with mental illnesses. Your support and contribution would enable us to get help to those who seek it, more efficiently and faster. Have a look below to see the various ways you can offer your help.

Inspirited Minds openly welcomes your support. In order for us to reach out to as many people as possible, we ask you to spread the word of the work we do. This would enable a voice to speak for those who are struggling in silence.

You can also take a look at our vacancies page for a wide range of posts available – where hopefully one is guaranteed to match your skills. Dedicating just five hours a week (that’s less than 45 minutes a day!) of your time to help another in need will make a huge difference in their lives. We are seeking dedicated people who would passionately carry out their roles.

We also envisage to complete many campaigns in the foreseeable future. If you feel you are outspoken, bubbly and have a passion for what we do – then perhaps you can help to campaign for Inspirited Minds. We are seeking fresh, innovative ideas for future campaigns, so let your creative juices flow into something amazing.

Further, helping us via donations or fundraising would be greatly appreciated. This form of support is probably the most needed, as this would pay for our services to directly help clients who are struggling with mental health issues.