A Promise To Myself

I know a lot is happening right now. You are so busy with some many commitments whether that is with work, university or even volunteering. I think it is important sometimes for you to think about your own wellbeing. I know you feel as though you are missing out if you don’t something at that time, but another opportunity might come again.

So, I want you to remember that you have time. Give yourself time to breathe whilst doing what you want to do. You manage your time according to workload but do the same for yourself. So, take a break, like really take a break. It seems a though you are looking at your calendar every day and see that you have so much to do. Space it out so that your mind has space too.

I know you like destressing by eating out, so do that! But try not to waste all your money on food though. You like to take pictures so go on photoshoots more often. Why is your camera sitting on the table when it should be used? Go to new cities and meet new people. Do it regularly, maybe even once a month. Try it out and see if that helps with your stress.

I am proud of you for trying to take photography seriously and making plans to meet new people in new cities to take new pictures. But make it a commitment.

One other thing that is part of your calendar, but you are not doing. Going to the gym.  I know you like exercising and know that you feel good once you have done it! So maybe think about getting a personal trainer, to help you and motivate you to get back to where you want to be.

At the same time, you can change your diet so that it can help with your energy levels because you are tired from doing so much. So make sure you set goals, realistic goals and prioritise what is important whilst balancing your time to manage your mental health.

Try new things, give yourself a challenge to do. So…. a promise to myself. Start focusing on wellbeing. Start doing what you want to do. I know everything will work out and will go well 🙂

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