Faith Is The Only Way Forward

I think that the best way to look after yourself is by having faith in yourself and in God. Just by merely saying you have faith in yourself and God, does not mean you practice the act of having faith in yourself and in God. 

If you constantly remind yourself that God will not burden you more than what you can bear, it will only emphasise to you how strong you really are. It will give you freedom from all the ‘why me’s?’ and ‘if only’s’ and how come someone else doesn’t have the same problems you do. By having faith, you ignore the reasoning behind trivial and not so trivial problems and end up dealing with things as they come, coming out stronger than ever. 

If you let your mind wander and think too much about any issues you may have, it will only drag you into a deeper hole of depression, anxiety and sadness. Instead, if you deal with issues using an ‘it is what it is’ mentality and by holding your faith in God and in your own capabilities, you’ll find that you will be feeling more positive and strong enough to deal with anything that comes your way, almost invincible. 

You need to stop thinking you’re in control of every single thing that happens in your life. Once you establish that, you’ll stop stressing over such matters and will have faith in God’s ways. This way you are not wasting your energy and thoughts on things that you may or may not have control over and instead you are using this energy to better yourself as a human being and Muslim. 

Take each day as it comes, stay positive and have belief that God truly knows best!

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