Have Faith

I find myself at times getting extremely stressed with so much going on in my work and personal life. 
I believe I may not have full control over what happens in my life but I have control over how I react to those things and how I manage that is what is important.  

So I set goals and prioritize tasks this has helped me immensely achieve important tasks and jobs at hand whilst helping me maintain focused and block out stressors that are beyond my control.   

I manage a women’s refuge and support women fleeing domestic abuse and violence so stress, pressure and emotional strain is a huge part of my working life.  

To balance work and life stressors I do my upmost to look after myself by eating well, exercising, setting physical challenges for myself throughout the year to help keep me motivated and meet my health and fitness goals. 

 A healthy/holistic lifestyle is very important to me and helps me manage my mental, physical and emotional wellbeing by feeling, stronger, healthier and more focused. 

Faith of course is another huge factor in helping me deal with life’s tests. “I am as My servant thinks I am (Sahih Al Bukhari). Having Tawakkul helps me to remain steadfast, patient and to persevere during the most troubling of times, it’s also a constant reminder that setbacks, struggles and problems are part of this life and I try and learn and grow from these lessons rather than allowing them to get the better of me.

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