Letter To My Past Self

Your going through a tough time, but do not neglect yourself. Its great to be ambitious but don’t forget that a healthier and happier you will make you more capable of achieving your goals. I say this because a lot of the time in the past, my former self felt like taking time out and focusing on my health, would take away from trying to achieve her goals. 

Now, I know that’s not true as there is no  wealth without health and I fully understand the depth and truth in these words now. You will achieve more if you are healthy and sound in mind and neglecting yourself in the pursuit of goals, is foolish but it’s okay, you know now, so forgive and be gentle with yourself. 

Readers may be perplexed as to why my former self felt this was justified and warranted, when I can fully look back and say this was due to the unsummountable amount of stigma I experienced in trying to seek help and for people to acknowledge that I had a mental health problem. It’s took its toll and adopted maladaptive coping mechanisms, by over indulging in work and many others. 

Now I can fully say that I’m in a better place and this could not have happened due to a turn of events in my life and as a consequence, I’ve learnt to take better care of myself and I do this by:

1.Turning  to Allah (swt) and establish my five daily prayers and cultivate a relationship with him – this was a major turning point for me in my life and in terms of recovery. 
2. Taking time out for myself when needed and regularly – to be fully present in life and enjoy it in all its glory.  
3.  Slowing down, speed is futile without direction.
4. Being mindful of your emotions and thoughts and responding accordingly (skills I learnt through trial & error and therapy)
5. Don’t be afraid to ask for help 
6. Being patient with yourself in terms of recovery and in people understanding. 
7. Be thankful – not just in certain moments but adopt this as a lifestyle, as being grateful will boost your mood and forever keep you happy (if adopted as a lifestyle though).

The list is endless but I hope I have emphasised and have been able to communicate that self care is essential whether you have mental health or not; it is necessary to live a happy and healthy life. Dreams don’t work unless you do – reminder to myself first. 

I hope this has been beneficial for you and I leave you in peace.

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