Making Life Happy And Worthwhile

My typical daily routine is to come home freshen up and get into my comfy pj. That in itself takes off a load for me. Then must brush the hair perfume myself making me feel good physically. Then must sit with a cup of tea, my fav biscuits, tv on and unwind. Don’t necessary watch anything in particular. Whatever takes my fancy. Usually not long around 30 mins.

It’s after this I will get up tidy up, pray cook anything and all else that I must do. Once all this is done I will sit again and watch tv usually a movie or a series on Netflix. On my sofa snuggled up in a blanket or lie down without one in the summer. I like fantasies, thrillers, comedies and  stories that take me away from the real world and make me go somewhere else or occupy me with something not related to me. Helps being away from real life even for a little while in your imagination.

So when there’s too much to do or having a bad week. I usually list everything down to give me prospective. Let me think and prioritise. I set myself targets realistic ones and build into free times to sit relax or even catch up if I’ve fallen behind. Makes me make sense that helps sort out life and not let it overwhelm you.

When I need to unwind, I actually pamper myself regardless of the day or time. I will sit there have a bath, use a nice smelling bath salt or scrub. Rest my feel pamper them, cream them etc. 

When worst comes to worst I go to mum’s where my whole family is and unwind. If I feel the need I’ll also make time and go out with friends eat, laugh and even talk it out.

I find things that take me away from me and my issues help me come back better. 

This is how I look after myself mentally and emotionally. Makes life happy and worthwhile.

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