My Self Care Routine

Self care is vital and an essential part of helping you to keep focused on your goals and aspirations and to be able to achieve them. 

In order to keep myself on track and the best I can, I try to follow this routine: 

Make the bed in the morning. This gives me a sense of routine,  responsibility and a small accomplishment.

Drink hot lemon water with honey. This drink is a natural energy revitaliser. It has so many health benefits and helps prepare the body for the day.

Go out for a run or walk early in the morning when I can, at least once a week.  Preferably a route that has nature,  is scenic and doesn’t have cars and traffic to waken my mind and get fresh air. 

Have a shower with products that are fragrant to awaken the senses.

Wear clothing that I feel confident and comfortable in. I try to avoid prints, bright colours and too many accessories as they make me feel a little convoluted and tend to get in the way of doing things.

For breakfast I like to have porridge with fruits, a piece of buttered toast and a cup of tea or coffee and a glass of orange juice or water.

I prepare my bag for the day, depending on what activities I will be doing that day then load my car with my essentials for the day according to my planned activities. I avoid carrying  extra things that I won’t use. 

During work I avoid drinking coffee and drink water instead, in order to keep my focus and keep hydrated. For snacks, I generally eat cakes and biscuits but I try not to indulge too much. 

For lunch I generally eat out with my colleagues. 

Post work, I like to do some reading then catch up on the news whilst cooking dinner. I like to keep up to date with current affairs. This helps me to keep work at work and home at home – separating the two is pivotal to avoid distress and one affecting the other.

I like to eat at the dining table and avoid having technology around or on to ensure that i’m enjoying my food, don’t over eat and actually taste the food i’m eating.

After dinner, I like to catch up on tv shows and contact family and friends – it’s good to keep in good relations with family and friends and see what they are up to as well as communicate with those close to you. 

In the evening I cook a small supper generally followed by a cup of hot tea. To keep myself calm and to aid my sleep.

If I don’t have an early start at work the next day I have a hot bath and use face masks to pamper myself. I also like to make notes of things I plan to do, one or two activities I can do in the week. For example volunteering with causes that are close to my heart – it’s an amazing way of appreciating everything I have, understand my impact and give back by doing something positive. 

I like catch up on reading and go to sleep at 11:30pm to ensure that I get enough sleep. Sleep is such a imperative part of preparing your body for the next day, resting  and healing. 

This is my routine to keep myself in check and look after myself.

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