My Self Care

The way I look after myself varies according to the situation and what I am feeling that particular time. One way is taking some time out to pull myself away from where I am and go to a more quiet place, here I sit down and talk to myself about what it is that is bothering me.

I then try to do a mindful exercise for a few minutes or I perform two rakats of prayer. If I do not have this time or opportunity and space I try to stop my talking and thinking and try to focus on one thing that is not frustrating me. This helps to calm my anxiety and my feelings of panic. 

Another way I look after myself is to remind myself to slow down. Especially when life is going so fast and it can seem like there isn’t a break. Reminding myself to take a break allows me to slow down and come back to the present moment rather than pondering on future or past events that aren’t helpful. 

Having someone to talk to really helps me too so on top of my self care that I try to incorporate in my life, I also speak to a therapist once a week or once a month depending on when I need. This helps me refocus and reground myself. Talking to anyone you trust and care for you is also a good way of looking after yourself. 

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