Self Care Is Obligatory

Self care is a must. In times of hardship, trials and tribulations we can neglect ourselves. 

1) ASK yourself WHY your are feeling stress today.

2) Really LISTEN to what your thoughts are telling you. Are thoughts racing? Are your criticising yourself? Don’t forget to celebrate and appreciate your successes however small they may seem!

3) Don’t forget to NOTICE what your body is telling you. Are you tense, agitated? If so, where does this sit in your body? Your neck and shoulders? Your stomach? Headaches?

4) STOP, pause and breathe…. inhale positivity and exhale stress. 

5) CONTINUE to take time out of your busy schedule to practise yoga, healthy eating and exercise.

Remember the first thought of the day should be gratitude for the blessings Allah swt has bestowed upon us. Be thankful for life and that we have another chance. Live in the here and now and life will become easier. 

Embrace and send love! Allah swt is love.

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