Fill Me, I’m Empty

If you’re a person who has grown to share and care for others, then it would be a piece of cake for you to take care of your own self, isn’t that right? No, that is not true. When it comes to taking care of us we run to others for help. We ask them to give us tips on how to take care of our own selves and it doesn’t make any sense. People might tell you to do this technique or various ways in taking care of ourselves but in reality they’re just giving us they’re own version on how they’d go about it. Yes, there are therapy sessions you can go to. Yes, there are tips on how to overcome any trauma. Yes, there are medicines to treat your ill health conditions.

But know that there is not only one thing that will definitely work for you, although many people have told you it will work, maybe it might not work for you? I mean, you can take their suggestions but follow your heart and find out what your own body/mind would want. I know in certain cases what our body/mind/soul wants comfort and the easy option but its been through enough pain that we need to exercise the painful muscles to soften the tissues until we learn to relax, slowly. We tend to forget about our own selves and cater to the needs of others because that’s what being a nice and loving person is, right? 

The way I take care of myself is that I take a break. It doesn’t matter how many breaks I take (it can be for an hour or even up to a year) but as long as I take a break so I can focus on myself, especially my mental health. I do this by taking step back from the things that exhaust me, drain me or confuse me. Things that could tire you out, could be – studies, work, hobbies, socialising, anything that you find yourself over-doing really.  

So, once I take a step back and see the overall picture of the situation, and I see the whole map of this journey to recovery/healing, I find it easier to get back to ‘business’ and continue where you left off or restart the journey but this time better and stronger. Thing is, we start measuring our growth to others. But I’ve trained myself not to count how far the steps to healing is, but I remind myself to count the blessings that God has put in my pathway to allow me to feel. I deeply breathe in and feel blessed to be alive, despite how difficult it gets – to find balance and serenity. 

During the break, sometimes I do nothing. And just go with the flow. But when a spark of inspiration hits me, I connect with my creative side. I start writing or painting or henna’ing or just learn about Islam – the rewards, the prayers, the good things to come in the afterlife to motivate myself to work harder to attain the ultimate goal: attain Jannah. 

I know it does get difficult to do the things you love to do but once you start getting back on it, bit by bit, believe me, you will surprise yourself and start getting into that ‘zone’. And creativity will flow through your fingertips like it has never before. 

In a nutshell, I like taking breaks to look for inspiration and be motivated again to refill my energy so I have the strength to remind myself that I am worthy and deserve happiness and refocus on my goals in life as it does get shifted due to the distractions in this dunya. 

1) break
2) refill/recharge
3) affirmations
4) focus 
5) repeat