Lighten Up And Enjoy Life

Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things.

As someone whose happiness mostly relies on the happiness of others, I love to help those who may need help and are afraid to ask. It could be by just listening to a friend talk about their problems or by simply smiling at someone. A smile is free to give so I try to smile as much as possible to everybody and anybody.

I am super open to learning and expanding my knowledge, so recently I’ve decided to read the Holy Quran and also read an interpretation of the holy book. This has made me grow in various ways. It’s given me a deeper understanding of life. We take nothing with us to our graves and we walk this earth alone for all we take with us when we die is our good deeds. 

As a medical student, stress is very common; sleep, a social life, free time, or the feeling of being ‘alive’ amongst others are rare and it gets extremely hard at times not to feel like giving up. Praying has helped me overcome my fear of failure and given me strength and hope. It’s made me a believer that the impossible can be possible and no matter how many setbacks I’m faced with, it’s all written for me and what I meant to have, I’ll have regardless of how far away it is or out of reach it may seem.

Yes, when you’re faced with a difficult period you lose faith and you can’t help but doubt and question, but the truth is having faith in Allah has helped me face each obstacle and has gotten me through the darkest of days. Islam has taught me that good things come to those who wait, and it has helped me love life, because when you fall in love with life, life will love you back and miracles happen.