Stop And Focus On Yourself

When I’m stressed and struggling I try to just stop. Stop for a second and listen to myself think. I will talk to myself to discover what it is that’s stressing me out and I will pinpoint it. If it’s something in my hands I’ll make an action plan to work around solving it and removing it as a stressor. I will talk to my sister/someone close and get help from her. I’ll take her advice and try to implement it. But if it’s something that’s out of my hands like a calamity or a sadness then I turn back to Allah. After my prayers I will sit on the floor and I will pour my heart out to my Creator. I allow myself to cry and feel weak. I tell my sadness to Allah and I express how I feel. Once I’m done with that, I make Duaa for Allah to make it easier for me and to help me get over this. 

My advice to anyone going through any sort of stressful situation or a hard time, TALK to someone, get help and reconnect with your Creator. It will baffle you how light you’ll feel after you really talk to Allah. If you feel like what you’re going through is more than just a sadness and it’s affecting your everyday or you can’t deal with it alone, seek professional help, there’s nothing wrong with that because you will get much better when you seek help.