One Moment At A Time

I’ve been quite a bit of a busy bee over the last 2 years Alhamdulillah. I’m a divorcee with no kids in my mid-30s but I yearn to now make my dreams become a reality, to make it tangible. 

I work full-time, Alhamdulillah. I’ve also set up a not-for-profit organisation on the side, Alhamdulillah. And I’m living my dream interviewing well-known people on a television channel, Alhamdulillah. 

I particularly focus on key aspects to help me keep positive and acknowledge the obstacles in my path.


To me, this the most important component. Being thankful and grateful for the good and the trials. So by saying Alhamdulillah and Subhan’Allah after any moment/situation gives me that balance between daily life activities and maintaining my connection to Allah. For example: I have a deadline to meet at work and I can feel my stress levels increasing so I make dhikr (Astaghfurlillah / Alhamdulillah).  Praying especially on time has a great impact on me mentally and physically. I plan moments around my prayers, or at least think ahead about where and when you can pray somewhere. This keeps my hold to Allah and centres me. To me, taking that 2-5 mins breather from my hectic schedule, becomes an act of reflection, conversing and recharging. Which I so badly need. Time will not be missed because I’m talking to the One who made time. 


Exercise. Walk. Jog. Climb the stairs. Be active.  True story: Recently I’ve been doing 2-3 mins spurts of very simple exercises (squatting / lunges / sprinting on the spot) throughout the day, and I’ve noticed a huge difference in my energy levels and because if it, when I eat, I don’t feel so bloated either and my attitude to the task is welcoming. I also take vitamins too. I suffer from low iron and since taking the tablets for it, alongside other vital vitamins, I’ve noticed that I’m not feeling fatigue or so lazy. Exercise = happy hormones.


Lately I’ve been thinking about the portions of food I eat in one sitting. It used to be ridiculous before – “the eyes are bigger than the stomach” – but now I’m very aware of how easily my tummy expands, so I reduced my portion size by a fraction and not eat until I get completely full. It’s made a huge difference to how I get on with the rest of the day and when I feel peckish in between meals, I eat some nuts in my drawer at work. (And yes I have naughty moments of where I eat chocolate) BUT it’s ok, I don’t go overboard with the “treats” and if I feel seriously sugar deprived I have dark chocolate. Eat within reason. Must have breakfast. (And a cuppa tea)


Spending money on people, like a simple piece of item that I know would make someone smile, or even spending on my well-being is a game changer. Giving money to charity, especially when it’s small and/or in secret, is the most rewarding. And remember “charity” has a broad meaning and covers many aspects of life so read up more about the meaning of charity. True story: one day I had an extremely stressful day at work and at the end of the day when I went to my car, I found that my colleague left me my favourite bar of chocolate tucked under the car wipers! That cheered me up so much (luckily for me no one else snatched it!). Such a simple act and a special memory that happened over 7 years ago, I still cherish now. I don’t need to break the bank to give to charity. 

Giving people benefit of the doubt:

There may be occasions where I need to give space to people to explain themselves and on my part don’t assume their thoughts and intentions. Either talk it out with them OR learn from it and move on. 

Don’t keep hold of the negative stuff:

It eats me alive. It truly is the case of seeing things in a positive way because living it negatively is tiring, doesn’t get me anywhere, effects my body and puts others down. When I become negative, I have to assess the moment. I ask myself questions – Is it worth wrecking my brain over it? Can I fix it? Is there a simple explanation? Breathe! I can’t change what’s happened but I can change how I handle it. Being positive and grateful are key ingredients to a live a life.

I have to admit too, it’s not always easy and I’m not always strong but I know I have my guidance above to keep me on track. 

I can’t expect to always start my new ‘thing’ on a Monday or even when that person changes. I either just do it or do it at the right time. 

I find it comforting knowing there’s always a reset button. The knowledge that I can make that change whenever I want, at whatever time, on whatever day – allows me to go easy on myself and live a healthy life.