Mind Body Soul

Taking time to look after yourself isn’t always easy especially when you’re going through a hard time but even in showing ourselves the smallest kindnesses we can make a big difference to our overall health and well-being. For me, it has always been about a mind, body and soul connection because I believe all three need to be in balance for optimal health and happiness (but, it’s not always easy!).

Mind: I love learning new things and there are many occasions when reading, studying or even having a stimulating conversation can leave me feeling energised and inspired. 

Body: We all lead busy lives which often means we end up taking our bodies for granted especially when we’re feeling down, we can lose sleep, we don’t eat well or get enough exercise which can all lead to other problems. I have seen the negative impact of this first hand so, I always try to nurture my body by eating a balanced diet but, equally a slice of cake and a caramel latte always puts a smile on my face too! A spa treatment or a relaxing bubble bath can also work wonders when you need that extra bit of rest and relaxation. 

Soul: This is the essence of who I am. I feed my soul on a daily basis through my prayer and remembrance of Allah swt, there isn’t a single problem I haven’t been able to get through without finding some solace or words of comfort in the Quran or lectures from esteemed scholars. I try and live a life guided by my values of spirituality, love, contribution, self-development, perseverance and compassion in everything I do, which always guides me through difficult times and decisions. Above all I exercise gratitude for whatever I have (even in the testing times) and especially for the people I am blessed to have in my life who love and care about me and always lift my spirits, even when you think there is no one, there is always someone who cares, for those who choose to reflect.