Find Peace Within Your Struggle

For all those who are facing a struggle within themselves; mentally, physically or most importantly spiritually.

May Allah ease your pain and suffering and may Allah make it a means of expiation for you! 

It’s a constant battle and this is your test – in every essence of the word.
It’s a test every second you wake up, and every night you go to bed with these thoughts and issues and every second you are struggling means you are on the right path and every second you feel guilt it means you are on the right path.

What comforts me is that if Allah has surrounded me with people but none that can understand me or that I can speak to, then Allah wants me to turn to Him and He is the only one that can ease my situation.

Also don’t be too hard on yourself, treat yourself with mercy like you would treat someone else. Be firm with yourself but not harsh. Be gentle with yourself but not careless. 

And every time you remember Allah or stand up for prayer – see it as a victory – no matter what state you are in. 

I have quickly come to understand that people knowing my situation will not ease it for me, finding someone will not ease my struggle for me as every chapter of life comes with new struggles. However, finding peace WITHIN my struggle will bring me ease and that comes from getting closer to Allah.