A Meeting Which Is Worth All The Pain

I wanted to write something personal. Something that will not be cliched and something that will touch the heart that reads this.

Truth be told, I can’t as Allah alone is in control and determines all things as He is All-Powerful.

What I can say is this, for those brothers and sisters who read this, we all, be it old or young, brave or not, male or female, black or white will in our life become upset or sad.

We will go through pain we don’t want to, have to lose loved ones and have people leave our life be it in the form of relationship break ups, have difficulties and illnesses etc.

I know this personally, as someone who can be scared of what the future holds, not knowing where my life is going and I can get anxious over life’s trials and tribulations.

I wanted to write a message of hope. Something to reassure us that we have something to look forward to, an end.

And that end is a meeting…

A meeting like no other. A meeting with someone who will understand our pain. A meeting with someone who will comfort us. A meeting with someone who will remove from us our personal anxieties and give us love and affection to what I need and want.

A meeting where you can have what you desire, what no eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind can think of. A meeting well worth the pain or tears. That meeting is with our Lord. Your Lord and My Lord – Allah.

A meeting where Allah will call you my reader, bring you before Him and speak to you with your name mentioned and say ‘I am pleased with you’. A day where He will allow you to see Him (with no veil between you and Him) and have the greatest gift awaiting us, to finally see Allah.

So remember, paradise is not the greatest gift. But seeing Allah and knowing He is happy with me and you is. So it is all worth it!

Do not ever give up! You’re worth too much and this meeting is too important to not prepare for. You have this meeting to look forward to so race to good and smile because Allah is looking forward to seeing you my beloved so look forward to meeting Him and if He permits, to see Him in paradise and be in His presence.

O Allah! Make me present on the Day of Increase and for everyone who reads this message and do not deprive us of this for you granted me Islam and I did not ask (as I was born Muslim) as you are the One who gives, but I am asking for this and know you love to give and respond to the call/supplication of your slaves. Ameen

Inshallah, I will see you all in Paradise if Allah permits and you will see, it was all worth it.

You brother in Faith