Talk About Your Problems

At times where things get stressful and you face setback after setback; life starts to look bleak. It’s so pivotal that at times like this you talk about what’s on your mind i.e. what’s stressing you. Literally just venting out.

What you’ll realise is you have a huge burden lifted off your shoulder. Now the question here is, who to talk to though? This is the key. In life you come across all sorts of people. You have family, relatives, friends, colleagues and acquaintances; but I guess it’s hard to pinpoint who’d be the listening ear at a time of need.

This is where you need to just go with your gut and talk to anyone you feel comfortable with. At times I’ve talked to ‘colleagues’ about problems and stresses where I don’t know anything about them apart from their name; likewise, I’ve come across struggles which I can only talk to with parents or a sibling.

So all in all, when things are bright, go out and connect with people, build a network and when things go downhill (which they do for everyone at different points) you have a wider support network to rely on.

There’s a reason the Prophet placed such huge emphasis on good company because they aid you in the highs and more importantly the lows of life. So guys, be honest, be open; and talk about your problems!