Take Your Time

I know life gets hard some days. You feel it’s not worth trying. You feel the day is never going to end and your stuck in this moment forever. Everywhere you look is hopeless, the people around you have no time for you or think they know better.

How did I get out of this state?

Take your time.

I need rest. My body, mind (especially reoccurring thoughts) all need to rest now. My spirit needs to be nourished with praying, Dhikr and taking care of the ones I love. Eventually I will get out of this but today I need time to relax in order to have ‘some’ strength.

Don’t worry – Allah SWT is watching, listening and he is with me always. So just sleep it off, you’ll feel better after some sleep. When you wake up have some food, simple food. Have a bath, relax. Today is about resting and tomorrow, when it comes Insha’Allah, put your forehead on the ground and start the day with Bismillah.

Take your time.