Building Resilience After A Huge Loss

I think it is safe to say that 2018 has been the most difficult and painful period of my life till date. My mother lost her battle to an aggressive cancer, I moved into a new environment and felt the pain of leaving behind my loved ones and many other challenges.

Initially it seemed impossibly difficult to move on in life with a trauma so colossal. With the grace of God and all the lessons I learnt from my mother, I understood how I could still look after myself and achieve my goals.

By praying and meditating, I have been able to strengthen my connection with Allah and resolve any trapped feelings. I have learnt to face my emotions and detach myself from them at the same time.

I have also been working out in the gym and practicing yoga on a regular basis; both of which have made me feel confident about myself and helped me gain a positive outlook on life.

I have been cooking lots of healthy meals, which have also boosted my mood and improved my immune system. I have promised myself to continue looking after myself this way consistently, to hold myself together and be present for others too.

Therefore, even though the trauma still exists somewhere at the back of my mind, and keeps emerging unexpectedly, I know how to tackle my feelings and be kind to myself.