Who Is He?

What do I do to look after myself? Not a question I’ve seriously ever asked myself. I instinctively think of my physical well-being, my not-so-frequent visits to the gym, the extra exercise, less sugar.. and the list goes on. Perhaps that covers one aspect of looking after myself. If however, as a believer, I consider myself to be an eternal being, then reviewing the physical, temporal dimension alone is clearly inadequate. 

Blame capitalism, secularism or for that matter, any other ism.. there is no doubt that we live in a full world, designed it seems to occupy our most precious commodity, time. Every moment in our day is scheduled, we wake up, get ready, go to work, come home, spend what little moments we have with family and… repeat. To pay our mortgages, grow old… and then? Slaves to the system they say. 

We have somehow forgotten to ask the most basic questions in our lives. Who are we? What is our purpose? Why are we different to other creatures? What does God want from me? Who is God? The list goes on… 
God is however ever present, eternal.. and he speaks to us in many ways, through his revelation, his creation and through our lives. I am convinced that in order to achieve equilibrium in our lives, to look after ourselves, we must get to know Him and make it our passion to get to Him. So, when I can.. I take a few minutes to think about Him and thank him for his continued, unfaltering mercy on this meandering journey.