Selflessly, Putting Yourself First

Mental health, is not as visible to us as physical health. Perhaps that’s why it seems to be overlooked at times. But that also makes it more dangerous to our overall wellbeing, since our concerns are not addressed. Looking after yourself, means taking care of yourself before you do so of others. Because one thing many of us have done backwards for a long, long time, is to put others before us. 

But remember, if we are not in the best of health ourselves, then how will we truly be able to take care of others? How then will we be able to care for our elderly parents, grandparents, children and even spouses? Putting yourself first in terms of your mental wellbeing is not a selfish thing to do, in fact it is selfless, because you are doing it so you can take care of everything around you much better than you had previously.

And by putting yourself first, I mean tuning into your breathing, your body and your mind. Simple things like sitting back and enjoying your cup of tea, make all the difference. I can promise you that!