My Way Of Healing

Looking after ourselves is so so very important and the most foolproof way of healing. Over the years I developed many ways of self-care that I did not even realise were self-care methods until I learned more about mental health and psychology. It’s actually the little things that gave me the best results. Some of these ways that I do till date are: 

Making lists. Life is difficult, but living with OCD is worse – and the only way that really worked for me was making lists for all the thoughts blurring in my mind at any one time. 

Balancing my need to complete a task with taking a break. Don’t get me wrong – I loooove taking breaks and relaxing my mind, but I try to assess the urgency of the task and whether I will be able to complete it in a short time vis-à-vis my need for relaxing. 

Recite Surah Yaseen every Thursdays. I make sure to create time to recite this beautiful Surah every Thursday evening, and I always feel much lighter and happier after. 

Having #MeTime! I make sure to give myself plenty of time to read (YA novels are my fav) or watch an episode of a good tv show (The Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj) 

Taking a spa-day out every now and then, and only when my bank account allows it…

Writing. I absolutely live to write and create stories, and yes it does get hard at times, but I push myself to exercise my writing skills and keep creating.