Investing In Myself

I know I am looking after myself when I find that weekly I am able to invest some of my time in me, rather than revolving my life around the needs of a 9-5 job, the demands my employer or just purely letting life run away with me. I aim to do this through simple things like planning ahead to ensure future me isn’t stressed, to finding times to connect to my faith so I feel spiritually fulfilled or doing basic things to ensure a better wellbeing i.e. regular workouts-maintaining physical health, healthy eating-feeling good.

If I’m able to invest a bit of time in bettering my future, this also helps a great deal, this varies from finding exciting new opportunities to things like personal development and personal therapy. When I have a bit more spare ‘me time’ I like to have a few hours with no responsibility other than to take care of myself for a few hours, I get to do great things when I feel no sense of rushed time, so these little opportunities are quite rare but when I do give myself them, they are a goldmine!

This leisurely time I give myself can range from starting an excellent book, going to the salon or helping a friend out, to finding time to talk to individuals who are homeless rather than just giving them food/money or walking past them – these are all little nuggets of selfishness that remind me of what’s important to me in life, not money, not success, not even an easy life – but human connection. 

Keep taking care of yourself and strive to make human connections and connections amongst humanity. #lookafteryourself