Beauty Within The Chaos

It can get difficult, dealing with our chaos especially when it begins to affect other aspects of our lives, maybe our education, work, family life, social relations and can change the way we behave with others and ourselves. But it’s important to take a step back from everything to reflect, not becoming too caught up in distracting yourself and avoiding the issues so much to the point where it drains you.

Things that help when I am going through difficult times:

Creativity. Anything that works for you, writing, art, music, etc. Poetry specifically, helps me a lot. It allows me to express my feelings in a way that isn’t so direct yet speaks volumes once written and read. I never have to think about what needs writing and I can say almost anything that I cannot express verbally. Completely lose yourself in it, set the scene, get in your ‘zone’ and let it flow.

Watch/listen to empowering videos, soak up what is being said. It’s helpful to listen to one every morning to get you through the day with a better mindset or one before you sleep. Whether it’s to help with studies, or just life. But setting a routine to your life definitely helps.

Journalling, keeping track of your feelings, thought patterns. How you are towards others and even yourself. Truly listen to your inner self and allow yourself to feel what you need to, safely. Then try to ask yourself how you will improve on or make these situations better for yourself and what action you need to take to help that – and go for it.

Observing nature such as the sunset, or sunrise, and any natural beauty takes my focus away from the negativity and allows me to delve into an ocean of love. It also allows me to spend less time on social media which is important, to focus on the real world and find beauty within my chaos. The moon is something I find captivating and can deeply relate that to my own darkness, how we can find or be our own light and shine so brightly even within our darkness. Try it, take a look around and note what you see and show your gratitude for those blessings.

Faith. Remember you are capable of getting through whatever you may be facing, because He has given you strength. Maybe when you feel overwhelmed close your eyes and place your hand on your heart, begin reciting what helps you and call out to Him by His blessed names, until you feel grounded. Or supplicate and pour your heart out to Him, any troubles, even your joys. Let this lift you. Reflect upon the life of inspirational beings of the present or past (I often try to do this with the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)). Relating their difficulties back to mine increases the love in my heart and reminds me I am in a position of being strengthened and will learn many lessons from this. It changes my perspective towards my difficulties for the better and reminds me there is mercy and blessings within it.

Get the support you need if you feel you need it, whether professional or from friends/family. Let those who care for you, help and support you. Even if it’s just to spend quality time with them for it to then take away your worry for a while. Intentions matter the most and we have to want to heal in order to actually heal.

Taking care of yourself in the other aspects of your life (Social, Physical, Family, Spiritual, Etc) during hardships allows parts of it to become easier. Continue doing what helps if it’s healthy and if not, begin practicing healthier ways. It goes a long way. Look after yourself, you got this.