What Self Care Means To Me

Looking after my self in other words self-care can mean different things to different people. I will talk about what it means for me and what I learnt about looking after yourself over the years. 

Firstly, having born and brought up in a collective culture I have noticed one crucial thing that was missing was boundaries in relationships. Not having boundaries can get one is messy situations. It can be very hard to say “no” when you don’t want to do certain things with others. Having self awareness asking yourself “what do I want” or “what do I don’t want” can be a good way of balancing yourself. Another point is being compassionate and gentle with yourself in stressful times and when under pressure.

Learning skills to better communicate in relationships in my eyes also looking after yourselves because you can then deal with any conflicts there and then without it escalating. These are important for wellbeing knowing how anxiety and low mood can be triggered by negative situations. Asserting self and becoming a better communicator helps me in my relationships therefore feel much more better in my mood. 

Apart from these, regular exercise, eating healthy and balanced diet, connecting with good friends, reflective writing when I choose not to talk to anyone. Stroking my cats hair, cooking and baking (because I can use all my senses, helps to stay in present time) 

I like to do activities that refuels me as daily stressors take from us. Travelling therefore is like a must for me. Find it very therapeutic. It helps me to step out of my routine and helps me to look at the situation or my life from a different perspective. It is very healing to have close friends where we can share ideas etc. Overall looking after yourself for me means having a balance in life with routine, pleasurable and necessary activities that needs my attention.