Hello You

I pray 5 times a day and try to think of those less fortunate than me. I go gym, currently on the waiting list for an ACL repair (will take better care of myself from here on out) I spend time with those around me, my family, friends, colleagues, having good people around you helps with letting steam off, having a good laugh and working together to achieve.

I am semi involved in local politics and raise awareness of issues caused by Tower Hamlets Labour Party and those in power, responsible for causing suffering and failings on my neighbours and my community. I love to read, my favourite is wikipedia, the news, subtitles on the telly, anything that I can throw myself into to gain knowledge, if you have knowledge you can make informed choices.

I am an eternal optimist and tend to take time out and reflect if things get a bit too much. I should maybe ask for help if I need it, I’ll do that from now. I love my parents and there always there for me, they give me confidence and belief and having a stable family life definitely helps me look after myself as I know my parents will never let me go without.

I do get upset when I see suffering and It does play on my mind so I do what I can in my capacity, even if it is letting it be known it’s not on or else it’ll weigh on my conscience. It’s good to let things out. I love music, will listen to anything as long as the lyrics make sense. I love cups of tea, I love working, it gives me purpose. I look after myself by looking after others, it keeps me on the straight and narrow.

I get a haircut every couple weeks and my skin care routine is just baby lotion and vaseline. I tend to go to the barbers just for a chat, talk about football and “boys” talk. I have attempted to cut down on ciggarettes, I will try quit this Ramadhan, God Willing. I have a great support network and i’m thankful I have people I can rely on.

My football team Arsenal do tend to let me down but I have learnt that sometimes it’s the taking part that counts. I could maybe eat healthier? But I’m allergic to citrus but I do drink water only majority of the time. I cut people off clean if they add no value to my life, time is precious.