Tips To Balance The Blues

When things get rough sometimes, and they do, these are a few self-care tips I turn to, to make me feel better. 

The easiest thing to make me feel better is taking a nap. Just crawling into my bed, turning every device off, in complete darkness, with an open window blowing in cool air and I’m out like a light. Sleeping, for me, is the most comforting and easy way to remove myself from all negativity and wake up with a feeling of having had a reset. 

Other things that always do the trick include taking a bath. Rewatching an old favourite movie or tv show. Eating food that makes me feel happy; it doesn’t always have to be healthy; treating myself always makes me feel full inside. 

And sometimes, just sometimes, nothing does the trick. That’s okay. It’s okay for me to just feel sad. To feel upset and annoyed and angry. To let it out by doing nothing but lie in bed thinking. Without these low moments, I know I wouldn’t value the highs of life. So sometimes I just let my low be. It’ll fade eventually. It always does. 

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