Travel, Test Yourself And Learn A New Skill

Travel, test yourself and learn a new skill, meet new people. I kept getting depressed by looking at my past and all my failures or had constant stress anxiety worrying about where I wanted to be in the future. Not being where I wanted to be in the present I kept feeling like a failure amd put myself under pressure to do more, leaving ne constantly exhausted and unhappy.

I often volunteered abroad doing aid work, this stopped me from comparing myself to others and made me grateful for everything I had. 
I set myself big goals, but also smaller ones so I could celebrate at the small triumphs. This made me feel like I was getting closer to my goal. 

Every time I lost passion or focus, I would take on something that would emotionally mentally and physically test me, like a skydive or a mountain trek. The fear or and pain made me prioritize what was important to me and made me focus again. This was also because I got to learn my strengths and weaknesses. 

I would take up something new like art therapy, walks, volunteering or photography, you will find like minded people on a similar goal as yourself without all the headache of maintaining a relationship. It’s no strings attached positive energy. It’s also a great way of networking and finding friends you do want to maintain a relationship with. It was also a time out, leisure without feeling guilty you are wasting time. Again, you learn a lot about yourself. You think outside the box as there are no rules with creativity. Photography allowed expression but also to focus and enjoy on the small things we overlook on a daily basis. 

Review what you learnt and how the things you have done have got you closer to your goals, if not try something new, plan B. Travel when something happens, travel especially when nothing happens because you come back a different person and perspective. Everything is mostly got to do with your state of mind, if you are stuck, you don’t have to stay there!

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