You Are Important

Allah (swt) has created us in the best of forms (mentally, physically and spiritually) and have given us the tools and means to maintain these forms.
To look after my physical self I ensure I eat good wholesome foods and in moderation (this was not always the case in the past as I would overeat on junk in times of difficulty). When stresses of life get too much it’s easy to comfort eat on junk and over eat. An excellent way to look after our bodies is to give ourselves good food and believe it or not food has an effect on our mental and spiritual health.

For the soul one must ensure the obligatory prayers are being performed. Without this it’s impossible to find spiritual peace inside of yourself. As well as this open the Book of Allah (the Qur’an) and read it and you will feel the stresses of life lighten their burden and it will give you strength to overcome your challenges.

For mental health it’s vital you exercise often and go out during the day. Exercise helps release tension and helps ones mood proven by science

Exercise doesn’t mean join a gym. A simple 20 mins brisk walk can be enough. Feel and look around you at the sky etc … as Allah says in Surah 67 and Contemplate on the creation of Allah.

Speak to people and socialize. Humans a social people and staying quiet and not speaking to anyone is not what we were created for.

May Allah increase all of us in goodness and grant us peace 


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