Do You Know Your Nafs?

I was once asked; “do you know yourself?”

“Well, I would like to think so”, was my response.

The questioner again asked, “do you really know yourself? Do you know your wants, your needs and your desires? Do you know how to control yourself when required?”

These questions have since led me on a journey of discovery of who I really am and more importantly who I want to be and how do I get there.

Alhamdulillah, we have Islam, and may Allah guide us and keep us on the straight path.

Life experiences soon teach us that the heart will never truly find peace unless there is complete reliance upon our Creator. Our Creator who shaped us and knows us best. Our Creator who is closer to us that we are to ourselves.

Achieving such reliance, starts with Salaah (prayer). Sacrificing our beds when they are the warmest and all distractions of this world to prostrate before our Lord, shapes the nafs towards achieving tawakkul (reliance upon Allah).

There is a strong correlation between Salaah and successful and influential figures in this Ummah, past and present. More so, the Salaah performed in the last third of the night whereby our creator descends to the closest heavens to respond to duahs. Duahs of forgiveness, guidance, ease in hardship or a place to direct our pain and sorrows.

“The duah asked in prostration in the night is like an arrow that doesn’t miss its target” – how many nights we let slip by whilst struggling to find our way? Our Lord and Creator knows his creation better than we know ourselves.

So, do you know your nafs?

The harder the training, the sweeter the reward.

By training your nafs to stand in prayer, the answers you are searching for will come to you Insha Allah.

Among the final advice from our Prophet Muhammad PBUH before leaving this world –As- Salaah, As – Salaah, As – Salaah (the prayer, the prayer, the prayer).

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