Learning To Let Go

Dear you,

You’re always moving non-stop girl! When do you ever have time for yourself? Ensure you give yourself time to breathe and it’s okay to say no to people. It doesn’t mean that you’ll disappoint them. And it certainly does not mean they will not like you, forget about you or abandon you. You’re the most likeable person I know and you work so hard to ensure everyone is happy.

Remember to take care of yourself and make yourself happy. Take one hour of each day to do what you want. Remember your baths, your henna painting, your running and boxing, speaking on the phone to a friend, and let go of the stressors or responsibilities. You know you’re so much better when you take care of yourself, and you have so much more energy and compassion when you take care of yourself first.

And lastly; say Alhamdullilah because this moment is a gift and it’s teaching you something whether if it’s a nice feeling or not. See the positives in what you’re experiencing. It’s helped before, and it help now.

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as salaam alaikum wa rahmtulaahi wa barakatu, RAMADHAN MUBARAK….

subhana Allah this post is perfect for where i am at right now. been crying alot…reflective …beating myself up… sabotaging myself…..i actually need to copy paste and print it and it is moving my heart, jazakumallahkhayrun… the subject of SELF CARE is something I have been neglecting….especially lately since i came back from umrah sick…..but i shouldn’t really say sick….i should say exhausted from doing great things by the grace of Allah…once again i’m going to read this post again copy and print it and put it on my wall to read every day………JAZAKUMALLAHKHAYRUN this post has seriously helped me may Allah guide bless and protect you…my instagram is the.islamic.nutritionist xxx

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