Me, Myself And I

Growing up I wasn’t too good at looking after myself, I always preferred to be taken care off. But the older I have become, I like to think the wiser I am and I have learned that the only person who is responsible for my own happiness is ‘me’. 

So now I try and implement different ways to look after my wellbeing, I am practising patience as you don’t unlearn unhelpful behaviours overnight.

I try and wake up a little earlier than I used to so I am not rushing around. I listen to a positive affirmation video in the morning to set my intention for the day.

I try not to sit at my desk all day and try to get some fresh air at lunch.

I meditate regularly sometimes alone or in a class. I have done this for years and it grounds me and helps me to focus.

I try and swim regularly. I only learnt to swim 2 years ago, this was a huge achievement for me! So I really enjoy it. Its great for the body and mind.

I spend time with friends and family; I have learnt that having a good support group really helps when life gets tough. People may come and go but true friends are always there for you. 

I like to keep my minding ticking over so I try and take up an evening class when I can. I am currently studying Victorian history. I am also an avid reader. 

I like to travel so take time out during the year to get some ‘me time’.

I practice 5 minutes of gratitude everyday to be thankful for everything in my life.

I switch off before bed. No phone or iPad or TV in my room. 

I would like to say I eat healthy, but not quite there yet! I focus on the glass being half full not half empty. in the words of one of my favourite quotes…”Happiness is a journey not a destination.”

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