Look After Everyone

My reminder to look after myself is that I look after others and I need to stay fit and able enough to do so.

I have realised that stretching is a separate activity to exercise. We need it because in flexibility there is strength. Now my stretch routine is independent of my gym routine. It’s made a huge difference in countering the impact of being at a desk for work.

I try to join ibaadah with fatherhood such as reading Qur’an with my son present and part of it. This helps replenish my spirit without it reducing time from my son.

Incrementally improving how I treat my body and soul is having a positive effect on my mind. My energy levels are improving.

Now I’m trying to get my sleep under control. Being woken up by your child is new when you’re not used to it. I can’t seem to get used to it, it’s been a few years. With their uniqueness comes all these qualities and perhaps there is more to learn than what I currently perceive.

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