Self Awareness = Self Care

Being self aware has become an important part of my self care over the last few years. Knowing myself and the things that can trigger me emotionally as well as knowing when I’m overdoing things physically, helps me better manage my health and plan my life better.

Writing is a way for me to not only understand how I am feeling, but I also find that the simple act of writing things down, means my mind becomes clearer to focus on other things.

Having a morning routine helps me to centre myself before dealing with day ahead and whatever it may bring. I am also conscious of not over booking myself so that I have pockets of free time that I reclaim myself from the busy ness and check in on how I am feeling.

I find that when I can pray on time it makes a world of difference to those days I am catching up with myself.

I love to use incense every morning to lift my mood as well as essential oils to self soothe and I drink matcha tea to give my mind some clarity and zen especially on the days I do not sleep particularly well.

My best tip would be to be aware that we are all individuals and what might work for one person will not necessarily work for another so getting to know yourself and what works for you is essential to your personal self care.

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