Selflessly Putting Myself First


How are you ? 

No really how are YOU? WHO are you? 

Do you realise that you’re a complex human being with complex needs? Someone who needs looking after just as much as you need to look after the little people in your life ? 

Well, well done you! Yes you, mother, panelist, therapist, blogger, cyclist, community activist to-be and so much more ! Well done for taking the time to find a hobby that sets your soul on fire ! 

Well done for paying for yourself to go to umrah to reconnect with your Lord when your spirit also needed to be rekindled. 

Well done for sometimes leaving those dishes in the sink when you just can’t face doing them for the umpteenth time that day-and it’s OK.  Yes its OK! The world by the grace of Allah still turned when the two cups and one plate were left for the next day. It’s all good ?

Well done you for making sure you eat breakfast before heading out in the morning. 

Well done to you for taking five minutes to switch off from Instagram, Facebook and all the other superficial and demanding social media apps that suck life from your soul and cause you to sometimes doubt your self worth. 

Well done to you my friend, for choosing the expensive natural brand of shampoo over the cheaper chemical filled brand because you know it’s better for your body. 

Well done you for giving in to that chocolate muffin when you know you shouldn’t be eating sugar but which helped you feel at ease again after a stressful week of deadlines and so on. 

Well done you for accepting compliments that brighten your day but that which do not permeate your ego. 

Well done you for putting the children to bed early so you can BREATHE. 

Well done you for embracing your children to feel their warmth and to allow them to know that they are very much loved. 

Well done you for all the things you never thought  you’d do or achieve and well done you for fighting through your negative thoughts that often hold you back. 

Well done you for trying new things such as yoga stretching out the aches and pains of the dunya as you bend. 

Hold your head up high! You are not perfect but you are doing a wonderful job at being perfectly imperfect. Well done for just sometimes selflessly putting yourself first.

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