My Success Is Only By Allah

I have found that putting yourself first in today’s society is just as important as caring for the ones around us. We now live in a society that reflects more so on individualist notions of putting yourself first than previous collectivist notions of working together for success. The constant increase of capitalism has meant that individualism is winning and so we have to be our own hero because everyone else is just thinking about themselves. Throughout this endeavour, it is important to remember that as the Quran teaches us “success is only by Allah”.

I think so many people find it difficult to talk about hard times and feelings including myself mainly because I understand that everyone is going through hardships and dealing with something. Everyone we meet is fighting their own battle that we know nothing about.

However, I do think talking about things does definitely bring people together and is important to know we are all in this together. At times I have found that communication is not always possible and so the next best thing I like to do is write. I write when I’m happy, sad, angry or when I can’t sleep at night and whenever I think it might be necessary and helpful. Writing is helpful for self-reflection. When I look back on what I’ve written it makes me realise how thoughts can change over time and how we can improve on previous thoughts and ideas.

I have been thinking a bit more about what helps me because it’s not always immediately obvious. I like going on long walks by myself contemplating life and admiring the nature created by Allah. Short times away from people I find are important to reflect on and they calm down tensions.

I also love walking bare foot on grass in summer, connecting my soul with the earth and feeling at one with nature. I love cycling too skateboarding, travelling and exploring new places.

Always remember to be true to yourself.
Kun FayaKun – كُنْ فَيَكُونُ – Be, and it is.


Me, Myself & I-mportant

Looking after others is something we all do in some way everyday.

Looking after me, myself & I is Important, why?

I need food, water, to feed the physical body.

I need a healthy mindset to feed the brain…. something that is harder than I thought in my life as a therapist… i’m human too.

I need spirituality to feed my soul… I would have been lost if I didn’t hang on to it…at times it nearly slipped away but my grasp on it was tight, so tight it pulled me back in and I could breathe again!

It’s constant feeding all the time and can be a struggle at times… but that’s ok because I accepted the helping hands which got me through some toughest of times.

Swimming helps me run that blood through my veins and the oxygen breathes through my body.

Being grateful for everyone and all around me but most importantly having gratitude I am alive. Prayer fulfils this for me. Helping others fulfils this for me.

My creativity allows me to paint, draw, doodle which I do a lot, in its weirdest of ways I release what I need in that space without a voice.

I talk to people everyday which helps and enables them get to where they need or want to be! I talk to Allah swt who guides me where he needs me to be.

It’s true what they say, the power of positive thinking is the way. So for me this can and has been a struggle from time to time, i’m human too. I know I can do what I do and it’s up to me.

Me, myself and I-mportant to me!