Me, Myself & I-mportant

Looking after others is something we all do in some way everyday.

Looking after me, myself & I is Important, why?

I need food, water, to feed the physical body.

I need a healthy mindset to feed the brain…. something that is harder than I thought in my life as a therapist… i’m human too.

I need spirituality to feed my soul… I would have been lost if I didn’t hang on to it…at times it nearly slipped away but my grasp on it was tight, so tight it pulled me back in and I could breathe again!

It’s constant feeding all the time and can be a struggle at times… but that’s ok because I accepted the helping hands which got me through some toughest of times.

Swimming helps me run that blood through my veins and the oxygen breathes through my body.

Being grateful for everyone and all around me but most importantly having gratitude I am alive. Prayer fulfils this for me. Helping others fulfils this for me.

My creativity allows me to paint, draw, doodle which I do a lot, in its weirdest of ways I release what I need in that space without a voice.

I talk to people everyday which helps and enables them get to where they need or want to be! I talk to Allah swt who guides me where he needs me to be.

It’s true what they say, the power of positive thinking is the way. So for me this can and has been a struggle from time to time, i’m human too. I know I can do what I do and it’s up to me.

Me, myself and I-mportant to me!

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Good advice.
We all need a balanced life, without which we can become ill.
Whether physical, mental, spiritual or social, we are more than a free resource for exploitation.
If we do not look after ourselves, how can we help others?
If people trust us to help them, how can we give the service they deserve when we are unable to provide the quality of service they need because of an unhealthy lifestyle or if we allow ourselves to become unwell?
There is no self-guilt or shame in occasionally saying ‘no’, or defining limits, or taking breaks to prevent burn-out, especially during times when there are ever more needing help.
It is not being selfish or weak to prioritise ourselves, we have a duty to maintain our personal physical health and wellbeing for the benefit of others, if we claim to be doing our best for those less fortunate.
For community volunteers, or anyone who donates their time and abilities for charitable purposes, what we do is done freely, not because of obligation.
It is not a personal failure if we ourselves seek help and advice from others, in fact it is necessary to obtain help if we are to help others help themselves.

beautifully said. our profession of being a care taker can take its toll. if we dont feed our souls, how can we give to others. its like you put the oxygen mask first before assisting your neighbor. thank you so much for the inspirational talk.

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