Unlock The Joy Within

I’m a firm believer in finding your own joy – that’s the first step when it comes to looking after yourself. Not to rely on others for something that is already within you. The best way to look after yourself is become your own best friend, honouring yourself, appreciating yourself and identifying your own needs without feeling guilty. 

For me, that can be quality time with myself where I can be still and meditate or do dhikr, sit beside and listen to the sound of a running stream, be near nature, go on a hike (though I’m quite lazy with this one), read a captivating book, eat delicious food, indulge in great company where the atmosphere is full of belly laughs and deep thoughtful conversations, enjoy funny memes, watch ‘Friends’ bloopers and  organise a movie and pizza night away from phones, laptops or work. I love learning something new, be that something religious, political, cultural or even in the capacity of a new hobby, something I had no knowledge of before, that feeling of your mind expanding.

Also, creating movement through the body is a great way to look after yourself so I dance or take a brisk walk or, get out early while the world’s asleep and watch a sunrise. I speak to God everyday without fail about anything and everything, I like to write creatively with a beautiful pen in a filigree notebook, lie in the grass and make shapes with the clouds, be around children, spend ten minutes on a park swing, watch a good play, speak to someone about what’s alive in me today.

I am always mindful not to give negative voices in my head any air time and at the end of the day I remember all the positive things that I’ve achieved. And then maybe treat myself to a good soak in a scented bubble bath. 

My best tip when looking after myself and my wellbeing is  to actually look after others in whatever small way you can. These acts of kindness create an incredible energy both within ourselves and out there in a world that really needs it right now!

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