Verily, By Time

The best investment in looking after myself is taking the time to know how I react when times are becoming difficult, stressful or overwhelming.. the warning signs start small.., becoming less motivated, feeling more tired, less interest in socialising..  my biggest learning curve has been the realisation to allow my soul to know that it’s OK, it’s ok to feel this way, to accept it for what it is, to slow down for a few days.   Trying to carry on and ignore only leads to a crash, which can last weeks or months. 

When I notice the small signs, I allow myself to slow down, spend time in the outdoors.. nature is such a healer.  Take a nap, rest has become associated with being lazy, it’s isht laziness it’s a need.. I keep a journal of everything I’m grateful for, I write 3 points within the day I’ve felt blessed.. even if it just be a hot tea, it makes me focus on the good.  

If I take the time out, invest in myself this way, it helps me to function and be better equipped to cope with life’s hardships.  It’s helps me to be patient, to be a better person for myself and those around me.

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