Wife + Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu = Happiness

“Talk to all people about happiness, health, and prosperity.” – Carlos Gracie Dr

So how do I take care of myself? Although there are a few things I do, two things immediately strike to mind.

1 – My wife helps me to take care of myself. It can be difficult at times to know when you start to take care of yourself less. An example being wearing un-ironed shirts or not taking care of my nutrition. My wife is able to notice these small things and nudge me towards doing small acts, such as going to the barbers, which in turn makes me feel great.

2 – Brazilian jiu-jitsu is a martial art I love and practice regularly. This sport has helped me over the last year and a half to shed a few pounds and just losing a few unwanted pounds has made me happy. But also knowing that I can use my timing, technique and leverage to grapple against a larger, faster and more aggressive opponent has instilled a new self confidence in me, which in turn gives me a really positive outlook on life. Not forgetting the awesome like minded people you meet during training.

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