Finding Time To Do You

Life is full of unexpected moments, with ups and downs. We may come to points in our lives where we question why we have come this particular place or why events have occurred in our lives. It is at times like this, when we feel life is not going in the direction in which we expected, that’s when we need to have faith. Whether you are going through a loss, have had several setbacks in achieving your goals, or you just feel overwhelmed and stressed at this moment in time, my message to you is to not give up and have faith. Allah has assured us that after hardship comes ease. This time, this moment, will pass. I know right now it may seem like you’ll never dig yourself out of this hole, but remember there were times in the past in which you believed you would not make it out, yet here you are today. 

The most important person right now is you. You need to focus on you and give yourself time to heal. Find a little happiness in everyday. Find what makes you feel a little joy and Do That!  Whether its having 2 minutes to sit down for a cup of tea, not thinking about anything, or lighting candles, having a bubble bath for relaxation. Whatever it is that makes you happy focus on that. Whatever it is that makes you forget about your worries, even if its for a minute, find time in the day to do it and spend time focusing on you. It is so easy to be overwhelmed by the everyday of life, but it’s important to find a little happiness in your day to day. It’s the little things that really matter.  

Although it may seem like at this moment you have little to be thankful for and nothing is going in your favour; we have to remember that, even if we don’t understand right now, everything happens for a reason. Instead of focusing on all that has gone wrong and all that we have lost. Let us focus on what we have and the things we are grateful for. Gratitude is a powerful tool in healing and getting through difficult situation. There is so much power in positive thinking. 

Through gratitude, prayer and simply finding time to do you, I hope we all can focus on ourselves and have the strength to overcome difficult or stressful situations.

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