Recuperating The Mind

Over the last 6 months, my life, my mind has been on the go. Transitioning from one job to another, starting a new project, preparing for the doctorate application and the list can go on.

It’s difficult when everything is happening in one go, no matter how well things are going, it can affect your mental wellbeing. It often can lead to a habit where you are unable to balance work and personal life; I often found myself checking work emails, not eating, avoiding going out because I was worried it would waste time, this in effect led to me not being able to sleep.

Having being faced with these times, I have had time to reflect on what I can do to work towards maintaining a positive mental health in the midst of busy times.

1. Being kind to my mind: Each month I treat myself to a pamper day.

2. Exercise: We often mistake exercise with the intention to lose weight. Exercise involves taking care of your inner soul and mind. Friday evenings are spent with me attending fit beat class, which helps my mind to unwind from work and prepares me to enjoy the weekend.

3. Mindful breathing: Starting my day off with 10 minutes of mindful breathing, this allows my thoughts to settle down and allows my mind to become calm and clear to start the day positively. 

4. Positive reflection: At the end of each day I reflect on a positive thing that I have done or that has happened to me that day. I will make a note of it and place it into the positive jar.

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